Tell a friend you love them with bespoke softgoods. 

Dyed in the wool PNWer, born and raised in and around the Greater Seattle Area, currently digging myself into Southern Oregon. I've been sewing my whole life, learning from truly great teachers of dressmaking and tailoring.

This shop started 2008 with digital prints and photography (they didn't do well, and I didn't try very hard), over time I've modified my offerings to better reflect my passions, which might not always seem cohesive, but they are if you squint. 

My plush friends, Mx. Kitters & Friends began with the idea of making my little nibblings unique and enduring soft toys. I added an embroidery machine to make the toys better, and that catapulted me into a whole new world of making patches. I have battled with the idea of splitting these things into their own shops, but I truly believe we can present two or more seemingly disconnected product lines under one banner, so here we are, Shop Qathi Hart, Plushes & Patches.

I've had to take a break from making Mx. Kitter while we've been moving house and settling in, so there's a lot more patches than plush at the moment, but I encourage you to check in with me if you're interested.

I like the spooky and whimsical, dark and bright, silly and serious, honey and vinegar.

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