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The type of patch you got determines how to afix it.

Does your patch have plasticy stuff on the back?


Does your patch have plasticy stuff on the front?


Is it glow in the dark? 


Does it have holographic metallic threads? 


Is your garmet down or waterproof, or a hat? 

YOU MUST GLUE! Please don't poke holes in your climate control. 


  1. IRON SETTING: Set your iron to linen, or the hottest setting of iron.
  2. Use pressing cloth (this can be a t-shirt, a cloth napkin, just a piece of fabric to prevent scorting your new patch, or the garment your sticking it to), lightly press to front of garment for 10 seconds, be careful not to move the iron, you don't want to shift the placement.  LET COOL, seriously, let they whole thing cool off before the next step. 
  3. Turn to other side of your garment, with your iron, press firmly for 30 seconds. LET COOL ENTIRELY
  4. Sew into place to secure. 


You’ll need a needle, some thread, scissors, thimble or pliers, and a few pins.

  1. Place patch and pin in place. 
  2. Use about an arms length of thread.
  3. Thread needle and double or triple knot the long tail. 

You can use regular or heavy duty thread, or dental floss if that’s all you have.

Here's a couple of stitches you may use to sew your patch in place. 

Overcast Stitch

Overcast stitch. Make a knot at the end of your piece of thread. Point the needle away from your hand with which you are working and toward tehe shoulder of the other hand. The stitches should be about 1/4 inch apart. End rown of overcast stitches with a few little backstitches one over the other. 


Blanket Stitch instructions

Make a knot at the end of your piece of thread. Put your needle in 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric, put the thread under the point of the needle and then pull the needle with the rest of the thread through, repete until finished. 


If sewing is not an option, for lack of tools and materials, or hand dexterity, or time, or the garment you're sticking this too won't tolerate sewing or ironing, or whatever, you can always glue your patches in place. I recommend using a glue that will hold fast and last. 

Suggested Glues: 

  • E-6000
  • Patch Attatch
  • Gorilla Fabric Glue
  • Fabric Fusion, best for patches without the plasticy backing. 

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