I have an idea for a patch, how do I make that happen?

Using the contact form, send me a message with your ideas, size, colors, font thoughts, and how many you want. Let me know if you want it to be exclusive to you, or if it's cool to put in the shop as a new listing? This effects the price some. 

Can you make this bigger or smaller, in a different color?

Heck yeah I can. If it's just color changes, let me know in the comments at check out. 

If it's a size change, there may also be a price change, and I'll want to have a convo with you about it first. Go to the listing you'd like to have resized, and send me a message from that listing with your request.  Once we get the details worked out I'll make a custom listing for you. 

Will you replicate someone elses patch for less?


Where do you get designs? 

Some of the patches in my shop are designed by an embroidery digitizer, (that's a skill initself), I've purchased the design and have rights to create them. Other designs are digitized from the ground up by me, I've been learning to digitize since late 2021, and I have a lot to learn yet. I will also purchase embroidery files of specific elements to make compositions to save time, or becasue the other digitizer has more skill and experience than I do in with that kind of work.